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    Do you have experience of development already, or are you new to the world of Angular development? Have you finished your course in engineering or computer science and are looking for the perfect way to use your newfound skillset?

    Cavendish Professionals is a specialist recruitment agency with an eye on technology career development, and we’re here to help you find your perfect Angular job. We partner with you to get the best results on your job search, and we’re here with you every step of the way to achieve your desired outcome.

    What does an Angular job position entail?

    Angular development is one of the most sought-after positions in recent years, namely because the world has taken giant leaps in technological development and new software development and platforms are in high demand. In an Angular job you will be tasked with delivering great-looking and smooth functioning applications for the front end, and ensuring that they function appropriately across both desktop computers and smartphones or tablets.

    You can expect to be creating and coding a range of HTML and CSS among others, and you may even have to be the middleman in a variety of situations between the graphic designers and the actual coders. You will also be expected to cooperate seamlessly with other team members who may be building different parts of a website such as backend functionality, all the while keeping everything neat and tidy.

    When working in an Angular job, you should have a high degree of competency in your chosen field, and always be eager to learn more or develop a new skill which would be beneficial to your employer. You do need to have a solid foundation in JavaScript as well as other frameworks, and keep abreast of the new developments in this area. You should undoubtedly have a decent working knowledge of TypeScript so that fewer errors are made, as well as an insight into web markup in languages such as CSS or HTML.

    Employers these days are looking for people who can work on their own independently as well as being able to coordinate in a team, someone who can be on the same page as everyone else and integrate their work with a high degree of precision. Whilst you do need to have the technical skills needed to excel in Angular development, when you are employed in an Angular job position you also need to have an eye for the UI as well, not just UX.

    How can Cavendish Professionals help me in my Angular job search?

    Having been in the business of recruitment in the growing technology sector for over a decade, establishing ourselves in this niche job market with hundreds of previous customers now working in their dream Angular job. We have the skills and connections you need to advance your career in the technology market, wherever you live in the UK or abroad.

    Reach out to us today by phone or email, and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and set you up for success in your next Angular job.

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