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    Introducing the CP Hub

    At Cavendish Professionals, we not only value our operative’s feedback, but we believe in listening to their thoughts and suggestions allowing us to constantly improve our services. We recognise and respect that no two of our operatives are the same, each with their own set of skills, expectations, and aspirations. Taking a personalised approach when providing our services allows us to ensure they get the most from our team and their time with us. This need to ensure we support each and every operative who works with us led to the development of the CP Hub.

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    What is the CP Hub

    The introduction of the CP Hub allows our construction operatives to enhance their working experiences. This portal is home to a number of beneficial resources, which includes support and information that our operatives may require during their time working at Cavendish Professionals. Having all our information in one place allows easy access to timesheets, training, internal competitions, and much more.

    CP Hub Resources

    Health and Safety: Our operative’s health and safety on site is a top priority for us, the provision of PPE is supplied if required, we also invest in ongoing safety training and education to ensure each of our team is equipped with the right knowledge and skills to handle any situation on-site. The CP hub gives our operatives the opportunity to request and access training courses available to them.

    Competitions: On our CP hub we have a number of giveaways available regularly for our operatives to enter. Over the past year, we have been able to giveaway premier league tickets, Queen Tennis Championship tickets, cricket matches at the Oval, and we continue to provide these opportunities to our operatives wherever possible.

    Sport: At Cavendish Professionals, we recognise both the mental and physical benefits of participating in sport. On the CP Hub, we offer opportunities for our operatives to come along and participate in sporting events that we run, regardless of ability. We know that having a balanced approach of work and fun can make a difference to everyone. Its a perfect environment to socialise and meet the team and other operatives in the cavendish workforce.

    Well-being Support: Working in the construction industry can be physically and mentally demanding. We’ve partnered with The Lighthouse Construction Charity, an organisation dedicated to providing physical, emotional, and financial support to construction workers and their families. Services by The Lighthouse Construction Charity are available through the CP hub.

    Operational: Through the CP hub, our operatives can log their working hours online. There is no need to download paper timesheets, making it convenient and easy for payments to be confirmed.

    At Cavendish Professionals, we will continue to prioritise our operative’s experiences through the CP hub, ensuring we meet their needs and expectations.

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