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    Top Tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out to recruiters

    LinkedIn is a great networking platform designed to help people make business connections, share their experiences and CV’s, and find the right job or internship. 92% of recruiters use social media in their work today with LinkedIn being the social network they use the most. We highly recommend setting up a LinkedIn profile so that you are more visible to employers.

    If you are in job search mode, the target audience for your LinkedIn profile is recruiters and you want to make sure your profile grabs the attention of recruiters, as well as stand out from the countless others they are possibly viewing for the same role.

    Here are some top tips to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive to recruiters:

    Write a headline, not your job title

    If you don’t proactively edit your headline, it will automatically default to your current job title and company. Your profile should brand you, and not your company. If your job title is generic, such as Manager or Director, then it doesn’t tell the person reading your profile much about what you do. You should be sure to include any relevant industry expertise in your headline to provide more description in a quick read!

    Give a recap of who you are

    Your profile summary section is one of the most important elements on your LinkedIn profile. The summary holds the most prominent position on your LinkedIn profile, making it the best place to tell your story. You should use bullet points to make this as easy as possible for a recruiter to read.

    Fill out as much of your profile as possible

    You should think of your LinkedIn profile as a digital CV. The only difference being, there are no restrictions on what you can include on your profile. Be sure to include your education, qualifications, skills and achievements, recommendations and even your volunteer activity. This is the place to put all the interesting stuff that doesn’t fit on your CV but paints you as a well-rounded individual.

    Keep your profile updated

    Always keep your profile updated to show skill and experience development! Participating in courses is a great way to develop and learn new skills and you should definitely share on your profile and add to your ‘License and Certifications’ section.  LinkedIn Learning, a subsidiary of LinkedIn, is an online course provider which provides video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative and business skills. Once you have completed a course, you can then share with your existing network.

    Build a network of contacts

    You should use LinkedIn to build connections. It is a great idea to start with friends, family and people you know at university or college to begin building up your network. National Careers Service  also recommends offering to connect with people you meet socially or through networking events such as careers fairs. To find out more about how you can build your network, read here.

    Engage with your network

    Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your existing network. This can range from reacting to their content to privately messaging about potential opportunities at their company. From a marketing graduate perspective, connecting with marketing professionals and asking for advice on how to develop my current skills and start a career in the industry was a great confidence boost!  Oxford College of Marketing have a great blog explaining how you can engage with your connections on LinkedIn.


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