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    Modular Construction-How are managers utilising the practice?

    What is Modular Construction?

    Modular construction is a process where building components are constructed off-site and are then assembled on site. Every phase of the process is precisely designed so that buildings are sustainably fabricated with excellence in craftsmanship and efficiency. Whilst modular construction has been around since 1983, it has recently experienced huge growth over the past few years as society begin to re-evaluate their relationship with the environment.


    • Work safety– Modular Construction will reduce the amount of building activity which is required on-site. This minimises the amount of labour on-site and therefore workplace health and safety risks.
    • Higher quality- Managers are able to maximise high-quality off-site manufacturing. Quality and safety is guaranteed. Materials are protected from moisture and weather.
    • Improved sustainability- Due to modular construction units being built in a highly controlled environment, materials can often be recycled in other projects, instead of being sent to a landfill off-site.
    • Reduced schedule risk- By fabricating the modules inside a controlled environment, workers are less affected by bad weather due to reduced on-site works, leading to less delays.


    • Size restrictions- Modules are made in a factory miles away from the job site, which can make it challenging to transport large sections to the project site. Modules also can get damaged during transportation which will then require significant repairs or a replacement.
    • Lack of customisation- Modular construction sizes and shapes can be limiting. Depending on the company selected to build a modular ‘home’, there could be layout options and material possibilities.
    • Reduced resale value- Despite the evidence proving that the components of a modular building built by a manufacturer are of a high quality, there is still a perceived perception that the quality of the properties are poor. This leads to a reduction in the resell value of modular buildings.

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