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60 Seconds With...Ben Harris

We'd like you to meet Ben Harris, who recently joined the Cavendish Professionals team as a Client Development Manager. We got to know him in our Cavendish way with our sixty seconds Q & A. Why not get to know as well?

My alarm goes off… at 5am!!

I’m responsible for… heading up the business development function within engineering, construction and transportation

I got my job… initially from a call from our lovely Talent Acquisition consultant Tatjana, and a month or so later… here I am!!

My typical day… In the office between 07:30/ 08:15. It always starts with a coffee followed by emails, calls, more coffee, meetings, some lunch and more of the same in the afternoon.

My top 3 hobbies… Anything that involves association football gets my attention

My favourite food... Hmmmm! I really don’t have one, I’ve got about TEN!!  Probably an Indian takeaway if you’re going to push me into making a decision.!!

My favourite movie genre… E.T. The extra Terrestrial… isn’t it everyone’s of a certain vintage? 

My favourite travel destination… I have two. New York City and the gorgeous Greek island of Zakynthos.

The best part of my job…Genuinely It’s the people. Working in an environment where colleagues can’t do enough for you and go the extra mile. It’s the little things. 

After work I… It’s generally straight home and family time. A fiancé, 2 children and a kitten… they keep me occupied 

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