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    Remote Working at Cavendish Professionals

    With video conferences and zoom calls becoming the norm since 2020, and remote/flexible working schedules providing far more freedom for people to work on their own terms, we thought  to take a look at what it’s like to work remotely at Cavendish Professionals. We spoke to Michal Linek, Associate Consultant with the Technology Division, on his thoughts of working remotely from Poland, as well as how he adapted to different work styles before joining us and how that changed his professional outlook.

    In this special episode of Tech Insights, Adrian Duffy sits down with Michal Linek to discuss working remotely. Adrian begins by introducing Michal and then explaining how he had been working fully remotely with Cavendish for more than a year by that time, before joining some of the Cavendish team on location in Manchester. Michal then details his previous remote working experience with Groupon and how, after an adjustment period, remote working suited him quite well. However there were still a number benefits of an in-house schedule that he preferred, particularly the easier means of communication, as well as conecting better with your co workers. Even so, he managed to supplement and find a balance of working remotely and working in person.

    Our Team

    Michal Linek

    Michal is an Associate Consultant in the Software Development team of the Technology Division at Cavendish Professionals. Prior to joining Cavendish Professionals he gained experience with B2B sales in a variety of companies. Working with different companies across various markets and industries meant allowed him to develop effective communication skills, as well as have the opportunity to help multiple businesses of different sizes achieve their goals, he is a a fantastic team member and one of the main points of contact when working with clients and candidates.

    Outside of work he likes to play guitar/ compose music, ride a bicycle, travel and play video games.

    Adrian Duffy

    Adrian Duffy, Head of Software Development, has over 10 years’ experience within Talent Acquisition. Adrian is currently working within the Technology sector, with a focus on Software Development across Western & Eastern Europe. He is also responsible for developing our client and candidate base, partnering with start-ups, consultancies, and end-users to support their growth. Prior to this, Adrian was responsible for setting up the Technical Division in 2011, he worked in the capacity of lead Account Manager before becoming the Technical & Finance Division Manager. Adrian endeavours to offer a direct, supportive, and consultative approach towards recruitment. He never loses sight of the impact an international move can have on a family, or someone’s personal life. He is constantly developing his expertise in relocation and mobilisation to ensure that candidates and clients alike can benefit from a comprehensive service.

    At Cavendish Professionals, we are technology specialists that offer a flexible recruitment model that can assist with permanent, contract and temp-to-perm placements. Our strength is us, understanding your requirements, embedding ourselves in the industry and creating strong long-term relationships with both clients and candidates to find the right person for your organisation. Get in contact with us today and see how we can assist in your recruitment search.

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