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    Top Tips for a safe home working station

    Following on from our previous working from home tips, we are now looking at ways to ensure you have a  safe and ergonomic home working station. One thing we do not want is for people to go back to work suffering with back pain, wrist or neck strain. So here are some tips to ensure your workstation allows you to be productive and safe.

    Computer / Laptop placement

    Make sure to work at a desk or table. Do not work with the laptop on your lap. This will create bad posture. Ensure you have adequate space for your knees and feet, whether you are standing or sitting.


    Try and get a separate mouse and keyboard, this can help alleviate wrist strain when being on a laptop for 7 hours.


    Positioning your laptop so the screen is at eye level. This might mean you need to raise the laptop higher. If you don’t have a laptop stand try a box or some books to help with the height level. Potentially if you have a computer monitor plug into your laptop which can be adjusted to eye level.


    No ergonomic chair…not a problem. You could try and get a back support – backfriend / wedge – or use a cushion to raise you up and another on the lower back of the chair to support your lower back. This will help with your posture, as well you sitting straight and not hunched over or with shoulders slumped.

    Window seat

    If you are lucky enough try setting up your workstation near a window and get that natural light coming through. Also as a benefit, you get to give your eyes a break every so often from the computer screen and see what is happening outside.

    Most importantly take regular breaks from your workstation. Allow your body regular movement, whether you are sitting or standing, just take a minute to walk to another room. This not only gives your body a well-earned break, but also gives your eyes a break from looking at the monitor for too long and your mind a moment to reset.