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    Top Tips for working from home

    Here are our top tips for working from home.

    Don’t stay in your pyjamas.

    As tempting as it may be, staying in your pyjamas throughout the day will likely keep your state of mind in that lazy mode. Getting dressed (doesn’t need to be a shirt and trousers) will help you get in the right mind set for working from home.

    Stay active over the phone.

    Trying to work in a quiet house can be quite a change of pace if you’re used to a bustling office. Keeping in contact with workmates while working from home, either over the phone or messenger can help you to stay in the loop and on your toes, however taking it too far and constantly updating everyone can become unproductive.

    Give yourself a break.

    Just as you would in the office, giving yourself a reasonable number of small, frequent breaks (emphasis on small) can help you to split up the day and make things more manageable.

    Establish your home work hours.

    It is likely that you have set number of hours in a day that you usually are at work. It is beneficial if you reinforce these while working from home to help stick to a standard schedule, making sure that you are at your home work desk at the same time of day as you would be for your regular work desk.