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    Skills for a Software Test Engineer

    The demand for skilled software test engineers is growing day by day as the use of technology increases and businesses need to ensure their product offering runs smoothly. Users expect a seamless experience as they interact with apps, websites, products and software test engineers are at the heart of that experience. Lets us take a closer look at what a software test engineer does and the skills required to be successful in this role.

    What is an Software Test Engineer?

    The main aspects of a software test engineers are to analyse software programs and implementing testing methods, record the results provide recommendations and to improve the software program following the results.

    There are a range of industries that a software test engineers can enter from governmental departments through to contracting at mobile phone companies. It is wide a ranging role, hence why the demand and opportunities within this field is growing and is a fantastic job to pursue.

    Essential Skills and Qualities of Software Test Engineers

    Many software engineers require a degree in computer science, with excellent programming languages.  but most will get their technical experience on the job.

    Like in most industries the ability to grow and develop within the industry is down to personal continual learning of new technologies. If you are able to include various programming languages to your arsenal of skills, you will definitely be sought after. There are, however, a range of non-technical skills that is required to be successful within this role.

    Creative and analytical

    Software Testers will constantly try to solve problems and thinking outside the box will always be a major part of the role. Analytical skills will help break up a complex software system into smaller units to gain a better understanding.

    Communication skills

    As a software test engineer you will come into contact with those that may not be as technically astute and therefore requires you to translate problems in a simple way. Having good verbal and written skills will be part of that translation process. As part of the communication process, most software test engineers need to be able to create easy to read and understand test plans, test strategies and bug reports etc.

    Organisation and time management skills

    Software testing can be a demanding job especially when there is a code release, organisation is required to ensure minimal disruption to the company.

    Positive Attitude

    Software test engineers are ‘testing to break’ only through the testing to make something not work can you really create a programme / code that does work. In some industries it may be counterproductive but to be a successful software test engineer, you need to have the mindset of making something fail in order to improve. Only through having a passion in this field and not taking your failure to heart can you be successful.

    Future Growth

    As mentioned, you will constantly be learning, companies will always want to be more efficient, which will mean, as new technology is introduced new ways of working will be required to facilitate those developments.

    You will be in a very specialised market; it does require in-depth knowledge of various programming languages to help you on your way.

    Our technology team work with clients all over Europe that require this special skill set, so if you are searching for a new contract or permanent role please get in contact with our specialist team today.