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    Success Connect 2022

    Each year, working industries significantly change. This change calls for an elevated approach towards people and culture. An approach that encourages new levels of engagement and develops a more empowered and sufficient workforce. This year, Success connect will bring people together to review how we work, will look tomorrow. As well as what employee’s need now.

    What is Success Connect?

    This event is held annually, bringing HR executives and world leaders, IT and Line of Business managers together. This group collaborate and discuss future innovations. Success Connect delivers a new era of thinking. This global gathering brings ideas together to change how we work for good. Those who attend also develop programmes to attract and win the best talent in their particular field. A future-ready work force in the making.

    Success Connect will be held this year, from September 12th to 14th in Las Vegas and is sponsored by IBM, PWC, Veritas Prime, EY and Deloitte.

    SAP SuccessFactors Solutions in Action

    The technology industry in particular sees constant change, leaving it extremely difficult for tech firms to keep up to date. Keeping track of new developments within the tech sector can be undoubtedly time-consuming. Tech leaders, however, must remain ahead, for continuous education and tech development. Success Connect gives company’s the opportunity to refresh their understanding of what is current and how to stay ahead.

    Cloud infrastructure is extensively covered at Success Connect. At this year’s seminar, SAP will be a major topic of conversation. The SAP SuccessFactors leadership team will speak on stage to present new data. They will provide insight into brand-new product developments, and fresh client experiences. Above all, this will show how SAP can be transformed for the better. Special guest, Aaron Green, SuccessFactors marketing and solutions officer, will reveal SAP’s 2022/23 strategy. Amy Wilson will also provide insight into the momentum behind the latest SAP innovations. New innovations that encourage employees to reach their full potential.

    Other opportunities

    Success connect not only provides insight into futuristic working. They also have many other seminars and work shops available for everyone to enjoy and learn. One in particular is the hands-on lab sessions. These sessions allow you to discover how to configure and use their products. Furthermore, getting your questions answered in real time. In these workshops, topics include writing business rules to drive behaviour for custom cards on the new, reimagined homepage. This homepage creates compelling stories in the SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics solution.

    Explore road map sessions, allows you to see what’s new and upcoming with SAP’s core HR and payroll. This is as well as talent management and learning. Although Success connect is held in Las Vegas, you can still check in with them virtually, by signing up online here.

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