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    The Importance of Career Progression

    You like the job you’re doing and the people you work with, but it has one downside – the opportunities for career progression are either limited or nonexistent. We’ve all been there. Whenever our consultants speak to candidates about their reasons for leaving their current job, lack of career opportunities comes up almost every time. So with this in mind, we asked our Cavendish Pros to give us a few reasons they think professional development is important in the workplace….

    Gives a sense of purpose

    When employees are offered career progression opportunities, it makes them feel like they’re growing with the company and provides a sense of purpose, which in turn fosters loyalty.

    Increases satisfaction rates

    Career development gives employees something to look forward to. It also feeds the hunger to learn and grow, in life and at work. This will make them feel happy to work for you.

    Decreases stress

    Stress can make employees unhappy and unhealthy in the long-run. Giving them something to work towards usually makes them feel more confident and self-assured, decreasing the stress.

    Creates new opportunities

    Career progression can mean fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing, which enables employees to discover new interests within the company, allowing role gaps to be filled internally.

    Boosts engagement & productivity

    When employees feel supported in the workplace, they become more engaged and productive as a result. This is because they’re happy to invest in a company that invests in them.