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    Top Tips for getting the edge during interviews.

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    Get advice from a recruitment consultant (that’s us!).

    It’s always best to get some information from the right place. A recruitment consultant will have a great knowledge base of their respective market, with the skills and experiences that are needed most. So if you have any questions about your CV or where your focus should be, feel free to give a consultant call. Like us maybe.

    Train for the interview.

    It takes practice and time to get comfortable in an interview scenario, so ensure you put the time in to refine your interview skills and build up your confidence.

    Keep your CV updated.

    The last thing you’d want to hand over as a first impression to the employer is an outdated CV, keep everything updated as best as you can, also have a quick read through every now and again if there’s anything you’d want to change.

    Double check everything beforehand.

    If you need to do a presentation, or present  a portfolio or anything, always check it prior to the interview to make sure nothing is missing. Rehearsing the presentation a few times will also go a long way.

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