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    Top Tips for maintaining workplace culture remotely

    Recognise the value of remote working.

    A number of studies have reiterated that working remotely could have valuable effects such as boosting productivity, employee satisfaction and fostering the potential of recruiting international employees.

    Also acknowledge the drawbacks of remote teams.

    The lack of social interaction between a remote team that would usually occur in office can be incredibly straining if not addressed properly. Establishing a set of values and reasonable goals to strive towards could help re-align the team.

    Communication is key.

    Healthy amounts of communication between colleagues, departments and sectors is crucial to stimulating work flow and reducing bottlenecks of information. Therefore, not only the amount of communication between individuals, but also the methods in which they communicate, are very important to consider. Can they call and message each other efficiently? Can files and data be transmitted easily?

    Provide an online ‘water cooler’.

    With everyone at home, the ‘water cooler’ effect is at an all time low, likely causing colleagues to feel disconnected from each other. Having a platform online (such as Slack or Teams) for people to chat and socialise will help ease the tension that could build with the stress of being separated.

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