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    Top Tips for maintaining your diet during lockdown

    Get a routine sorted

    By scheduling your meal times in advance, this will help to break up the day and reduce temptation of sneaking into the kitchen for unnecessary snacks in between meals.

    What is nutritional?

    The 5 food core groups is a good general guide of what to keep your kitchen stocked with, with healthy snacks and frozen fruits and veg on hand as alternatives to unhealthy foods.

    Get creative

    Fish out your old cookbooks to get some inspiration. With the lockdown still in effect, there’s nop harm in releasing that inner chef to learn some new cooking skills and recipes.

    Do not get tempted.

    While it is perfectly ok to enjoy an occasional treat, reducing the temptation of food around you will help you control your food intake. Try employing an out of sight, out of mind tactic of storing treats, just so you don’t snack needlessly.

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