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    Top Tips for marketing your business

    If you have your own business or plan on starting up, an important aspect to consider before you start is marketing. Marketing is the activity of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. At Cavendish Professionals we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to market, which pushes company growth. Here are a few avenues we consider when promoting Cavendish Professionals and what you should factor in when marketing your own business:

    Goals and Budgeting

    Budgeting is a big part of marketing. There needs to be an allocation of money set aside for aspects of marketing such as website development and maintenance, new designs, branding, and advertising itself. Social media has taken over, platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are essential, where products sell themselves. But don’t be fooled, it will cost you to promote your brand, having larger organisations mention your name is key to having your brand recognised.

    Setting goals is crucial when starting out in business. Know where you want your brand to go and set a time frame for it. We recommend setting smaller more attainable goals when starting out. This allows you time to work hard and also leaves less room for disappointment, if at first you don’t succeed. Figures show that you should be spending between three and five percent of your expected turnover on marketing. This may be more if you are a new brand and want to build your business profile.

    Know your unique selling points

    Identifying what you do different from your competition is what will push your business. Your marketing should remain individual to you, with remaining consistent with your selling points, whatever area of business you are in. Answering questions such as, ‘What special skills or knowledge do I have that can set me apart?’.  Remember, no two companies are the same so do not be afraid to try something new with your marketing. It may pay off.

    Brand Development

    Having a distinguished look that is unique to your brand is fundamental. It is important to leave a memorable impression on customers and it allows them to know what to expect from your business. Branding is part of all marketing aspects. Branding must be included with all company posts, emails, reviews and even merchandise. Merchandise is a smart way of getting your name out there. Keeping your branding simple is also imperative. A logo that is modern and unique to you will set your brand apart from others.

    Respecting previous customers

    Your customers are the key to your success so it is vitally important that you respect them. Providing satisfactory customer service can keep people returning. There are a few simple steps you can include with marketing that will make your brand stand out including your customers. One being communication. Regular communication with customers through social media is a fun and simple way of reaching out. Be relatable. Post content that your audience will enjoy and engage with. Providing discounts codes is always a way of keeping people interested too.

    These are a few but essential steps in marketing your business to success and if you consider all aspects equally you should see advancements within your company in no time.

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