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    Top Tips on improving your Medical CV

    Go reverse chronological.

    Given the high level of profession in most medical fields, the first thing employers want to know is the job roles you’ve been taking part in most recently, with that in mind, list your job positions and projects in reverse chronological order to make it easier for the employer.

    Qualifications up front.

    First thing that most medical employers need to know is if you are qualified for the role, so whichever degrees and courses you’ve taken should ideally be near the top.

    Tailor your CV for them.

    Each person reading your CV is different, and they’re likely combing through a large number of applications. So make sure the content in your CV is concise and to the point. Don’t mention their company name if you don’t need to though, in case you accidentally send to the wrong company, that would be embarrassing.

    Keep things up to date.

    What’s the point of sending an employer a CV which is a year out of date? They want to know what you’ve been up to up until the most recent point you can talk about.

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