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    Top Tips to strengthen your immune system

    Start working out.

    Planning and sticking to a comprehensive and sustainable workout routine is the pivotal change for many to leading a healthier lifestyle, thereby improving the immune system alongside your physique. Also clearly define what your goals are, you don’t need to aim to be the next strongman or leading olympian, but you can become the best version of yourself.

    Be smart about starting off in the gym.

    Don’t just jump on the band wagon to believe that you need go crazy by starting off with intense and advanced workout every single day in an attempt to lose fat/gain muscle in the fastst amount of time. This is the exact method in which you’ll likely injure yourself and start to hate training. Build your body up gradually and healthily to allow for better progression and allow yourself to enjoy working out.

    Try more plants.

    Foods such as Vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seed are all rich in antioxidants and nutrients, which contribute to decreasing inflammation and reducing harmful pathogens

    More sleep, less sugar.

    This can be a tricky one for many during lockdown. When we’re all stuck at home, bored, we inadvertently stay up later and later, plus we start boredom eating more, usually sugar filled snacks. While these snacks can be ok in moderation and supplemented with a healthy diet and exercise, they very quickly lead to bad habits. This is similar to getting in enough sleep, not everyone can force themselves to sleep a full 8-10 hours (some nap throughout the day), but more sleep allows your body to detox and rejuvenate.

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