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    Top Tips to writing a blog

    Blog writing can certainly be a daunting task, where you find yourself asking the question, “Where do I start?”. There is no special recipe to a successful blog and sometimes it will take you time to perfect your writing. In saying this, there are several tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your blog writing that will make it compelling and engaging.

    Structure and length of sentences

    Firstly, when blog writing you must remember that using the same words and phrases in consecutive sentences or covering and repeating similar ideas in two different sentences is becoming tiring and redundant. Keep the sentences and structure of your blog relevant, making it engaging and interesting.

    Cut it down to the essentials first

    By removing the more unnecessary sentences and content from your writing, the more trim and easier it is to understand. Concise writing is the way forward. And readers can scan through it with relatively little effort, allowing them to absorb information more readily. Paragraphs can be extremely boring and time consuming, therefore the addition of bullet points and sub-titles are always a good idea.

    Choose A compelling topic

    Identifying and understanding your audience is the most important element of blog writing. Providing a blog that is relevant gives you a way to communicate and build a relationship with your readers. Giving your writing purpose, that is intended for your audience will leave you feeling satisfied, as well as you’re following.

    ­Read and Re-read

    Any blog that you complete it is important that you read it over. Sometimes it is a good idea to leave it and come back in a few hours later with fresh eyes and a fresh mind. Read and re-read it for grammatical errors and ensure that you have brought your points concisely, with points logically flowing one after the other.

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