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    Top Tips when using social media

    It is no secret that social media has a name for being a negative place, where online platforms can cause increased risk for anxiety, loneliness, and depression; however, what we don’t talk about is the massive positives that social media can have on people’s lives. There are endless amounts of benefits that corelate with social media and here we will provide some useful tips for you to follow when using social media in the best way possible.

    Keep your circle small

    Social media is not a popularity contest, there certainly should be no emphasis on your following. It is important to keep your group of followers relevant to you, family, friends and people who you interest you. It can be easy to overshare on social media sometimes, if you keep your following individual to you, there leaves no room for worry.

    Privacy is key

    When using social media, make yourself aware of the privacy settings, and how they control your personal information. Keep your details on private always unless it is that kind of platform like Facebook, where you can control who views your posts on your timeline. It is also important to have strong passwords on all your accounts. Making your password at least eight digits with number and special characters included is always best.

    Use your voice in the right way

    There are many benefits of social media especially when it comes to raising awareness on certain topics and even fundraising.  Do not be afraid to have your say, comment, share, like, but make sure you are always doing this in a positive way, everyone is entitled to their opinion once it does not conflict too much with others.

    Have fun, express yourself

    It is important to not always be too serious with your social media, don’t hold back especially when you are only sharing your information with close friends and family. Remain true to yourself with your online presence, it can be too easy to post what you believe people want to see, stay true to your character.

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