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    Top Tips for going on a hike

    Get the right shoes and socks.

    Though it may seem obvious, your feet are going to take the most wear and tear when you’re on a hike, so be sure to take correct shoes and socks for the job, that doesn’t mean you need to get some huge arctic snow boots if you’re only going for an easy hike around some hills, similarly you may not want to head out in flip flops either. Lastly maybe leave the fresh all white trainers at home to prevent a rookie mistake.

    Now for the rest of the apparel.

    With regard to the remainder of your clothing, you should keep in mind the terrain and weather of the area you’re hiking in, if you know it’ll be hot, it may be best to try on some cargo shorts and a t shirt, alternatively if there is lots of itchy grass, full length trousers could work better. Keep in mind that you are dressing for functionality.

    Let someone know where you’re going.

    While it’s not always necessary, it could be a good idea to let someone know where you will be headed, just in case of an emergency. You can also purchase emergency devices or download apps that would call emergency assistance in a worst case scenario.

    Get the Rocky theme song ready to train beforehand.

    If you’re not used to longer and more difficult hiking routes, it may be a good idea to put some time in on easier hiking sessions beforehand to get yourself prepared.

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