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    Top Tips on boosting profile engagement on LinkedIn

    Be sure to proof read.

    LinkedIn is very much so a platform for professionals, you are trying to portray the pragmatic and credible version of you. This is why it’s best to go through your whole profile and meticulously proof read everything. Don’t just trust your own eyes either, try to get a friend or work colleague to go through your profile too and pick up any mistakes you may have missed.

    Editing your URL.

    As with most personal profiles, your auto-generated URL for your profile is likely rather long, generic-looking and forgettable, which isn’t good for others to be able to navigate to your page easily. Fortunately, customising your URL is pretty easy and LinkedIn allows this to be done directly on their site. Remember your striving for “easy to remember”.

    Spruce up the skills section.

    Many recruiters or general LinkedIn users search for people with a particular skill or endorsement, so ensure that all the skills you would usually include on your CV are also displayed on your LinkedIn profile, this will help your profile become far more accessible to potential employers/connections than before.

    3, 2, 1, optimise!

    Your posts and shared content don’t necessarily work the say on LinkedIn as they do on other profiles, by having access to comprehensive marketing analytics, you could manipulate the posting times and relevant sectors that your content goes out to, which helps tailor your profile towards the specific audience you are trying to reach.

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