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    What can DevOps do for your company?

    The DevOps methodology has an interesting history and story of coming to fruition, when back in 2008 an important conversation between Patrick Debois and Andrew Clay on the possible drawbacks of Agile software led to comprehensive reflection and analysis on what is needed to address a certain level of dysfunction in the IT industry. Having noticed a substantial gap in the conventional software development model between those who write and design the code and those who use apply it to a range of situations.

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    What issues can DevOps help with?

    Companies have to live with the lingering threat of IT failure. This is bad for the reputation of companies; especially if the customer-facing side of the business is affected. Internally, they can damage the bottom line. The Puppet survey shows that DevOps reduces failure rates while recovery times are 24 times faster. This is mainly due to DevOps’ incremental and ongoing development approach, which allows possibilities of changes in case of disaster.

    What improvements does DevOps provide?

    DevOps gives rise to the culture of knowledge and information sharing. As a result, it brings together both dev-centric attributes such as features, performance, and reusability and ops-centric attributes such as deployability and maintainability to uplift the overall code quality. If we take into consideration the distribution of deployment frequency, deployment leads to time and mean time to recover (MTTR), DevOps helps in driving not only a better initial code quality but also improved testing.

    How can DevOps integrate with previous software?

    In the DevOps environment, the entire team is involved in ensuring new features and stability. The combination of a shared code base, continuous integration, test-driven techniques and automated deploys expose problems earlier in the process, as the code isn’t hurled towards the operations team at its end. Besides, access to real-time data allows DevOps engineers to quickly understand the impact of application changes.

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