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    What Is RISE With SAP?

    What Is RISE With SAP?

    Back in January of 2021, SAP released a new product which they named RISE with SAP. But what exactly is this new product, and what does it offer for current SAP licence holders?

    Unlike SAP HANA, RISE with SAP is not necessarily a new product as such, but rather it offers a collection of SAP assets and products which currently exist through SAP, and offers license holders a unique business-transformation-as-a-service.

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    RISE With SAP – What You Need To Know

    RISE with SAP was created to aid businesses with the implementation of SAP cloud services. It helps to rapidly improve the rate at which cloud adoption can be implemented by eliminating any uncertainties and fragmented licencing issues which most company planning is plagued by. It gives clients all the resources they require. After evaluating consumer patterns as well as in-house SAP product analyses, the solutions centred around six main aspects of business which were identified for RISE with SAP.

    SAP has had a lengthy history of incorporating easier and more effective methods into its systems; for instance, each version of SAP S/4HANA includes simplification checklists, as well as the concept of using a singular source of financial truths in reporting by accounting and administrators. RISE with SAP is based on those concepts and is organised into a series of “ones,” which include:

    One Deal: which offers a collection of SAP products and functions for a set fee.

    One Contract: which allows you to handle SLAs, procedures, and issues without having to sign separate contracts which are required for each product.

    This is especially advantageous for businesses with tiny IT infrastructures, technical knowledge, or funds who want to migrate to SAP without disrupting their current systems or business accounts. The notion is that adoption will be more flexible and adapted to a company’s individual needs.

    What Solutions Are Provided With RISE With SAP?

    Once the RISE with SAP product has been purchases, customers can enjoy access to services, tools and solutions such as:

    SAP Business Network Starter Pack – The SAP Business Network Starter Pack is a suite of tools that let users connect with commercial supply chain members, couriers, as well as other entities engaged throughout the source-to-pay process. Management may use the pack to easily discover and verify suppliers, monitor inventories, monitor assets in transportation, boost customer transparency through support, unify asset maintenance and management procedures, do performance analytics, and much more.

    System Hosting Options – Users must select a system host as SAP S/4HANA Cloud is hosted on the cloud. While SAP provides the option of running the system on SAP servers, a variety of technology also provide the option of hosting a SAP S/4HANA Cloud – based solution. Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba Cloud and Microsoft Azure have all been used in the past.

    SAP S/4HANA & The Cloud Suite – SAP S/4HANA, otherwise known as SAP’s premier ERP software package, whilst SAP S/4HANA Cloud Suite remains the cloud hosted model for any businesses that don’t want to natively run the cloud-based system on any of their own company servers. Accounting, distribution network and supplier integration, selling, and Innovation are just some of the business technologies included in this package, with additional possibilities that can be anticipated in the future. SAP HANA can therefore be used to help power the system for your business, which delivers real-time analytics and business data.

    What Can RISE With SAP Add To Your Business?

    Implementing RISE with SAP within your business can help optimise and streamline any other SAP products that are currently being used within the business.

    RISE with SAP can assist your business in growing revenue through the creation of various different business models and their outcomes in whichever industry your businesses drive its focus. Intelligent automation offers incredible efficiency through all key business processes. RISE with SAP can make use of best practices and industry processes to help increase business margins.

    Allow your business to continually improve by offering crucial insight into all key business processes. Optimise and analyse all of your business’s key tasks, activities and processes. Help accelerate the progress in certain areas of your business with tailored insight on how and where to implement the automation of business processes.

    RISE with SAP offers businesses the ability to protect current SAP applications and any data stored on the cloud using embedded cybersecurity alongside data protection policies and compliances to ensure your data and processes remain safe. Help bring your business into the future by automating and speeding up many key processes throughout the company.

    How Can I Implement RISE With SAP In My Business?

    A firm considering using RISE with SAP may get started with the solution by considering a few different options. While SAP provides the precise business solutions featured with RISE with SAP, businesses may work with a hyperscaler and system integrators to gain customised installation and administrative assistance.

    There are a number of consultancy firms which have partnered alongside SAP and offer the implementation of RISE with SAP. Some of these include the likes of EY, Deloitte, HCL Technologies, Accenture and many more. It is also hosted by a number of software partners which include Microsoft, AWS, Google and Alibaba.

    Businesses can also work with SAP resell partners, who can help businesses set up RISE with SAP and ensure everything runs as smooth as possible to meet the needs of the business.

    So, What Does This Mean?

    SAP has stated for some time that they aim to solely be a cloud-first organisation, therefore RISE with SAP helps current on-site and ERP Systems clients solve several of the challenges they face. They’ve paved the path for easier cloud installations by merging previously disparate services (for example, licencing and administration) into a single offering.

    If you want to find out more about RISE with SAP, then why not get in contact with one of our experienced and highly professional team members here at Cavendish Professionals. We can help answer any further queries you might have about RISE with SAP.

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