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    Working As A SAP Engineer In The Nordics

    Why Work In The Nordics?

    The Nordics countries are quickly becoming some of the most popular places to work in the world. Often boasting great work/life balance as well as being excellent places to live and pride themselves on having plenty of opportunity for work.

    The technology sector in particular is seeing a massive boom across all of the Nordic region. Many applicants can expect a much higher salary to that of similar roles back in the United Kingdom or other European countries, with the quality of life generally being much better.

    Working As A SAP Engineer In The Nordics

    A strong work/life balance is imperative in Nordic nations. A normal work week will usually consist of 5 days and no more than 37 hours of work per week. In exchange, they are extremely productive at work. Since Nordic cultures tend to dislike hierarchy, management is more likely to solicit employee input rather than issuing commands.

    Remote working either one or two workdays per week is expected as a SAP Engineer, travel costs are also normally reimbursed by the business and is common with SAP Engineer employment, allowing SAP Engineers to enjoy more family time from their native country. Some arrangements with Nordic businesses are also available as solely remote employment.

    SAP Engineer Salaries In The Nordics

    Salaries and hourly rates are often greater in Nordic nations than that of other European countries. A SAP Engineer’s day fee is typically around 500 – 600 euro. In certain Nordic nations, however, the rate of tax could be as high as 50%, or even significantly more, based on your earnings. The higher taxes are necessary to provide public healthcare, education, and pensions, that are essential to the high living standards enjoyed by many Nordic countries.

    Is There A Language Barrier?

    Most Nordic countries will have their native languages, however as a SAP Engineer, you will be able to navigate just fine with being able to communicate in English. Many jobs for SAP Engineers in Nordic countries require proven ability to speak and write in excellent English. Some jobs may require you to work from home at times, so you will not be required to speak any native Nordic languages.

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