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    Cavendish Professionals supports the Construction Industry in 2022

    Cavendish Professionals supports the Construction Industry in 2022

    Over the years our Construction division has grown considerably and are suppling more recruitment solutions to a growing client base, but this is only part of the story. Cavendish have been busy throughout the year, making a positive impact in the industries and communities around them.


    At Cavendish Professionals, we make it our mission to provide a platform to make a change and place people at the heart of this. We have committed to 3 key pillars; Communities, Sustainability and People. The aim is to provide a positive change to our industries.


    At the beginning of 2022, Cavendish pledged to support Construction Sport and The Lighthouse Club, two construction charities that are committed to helping construction workers and their families with financial, mental and physical well-being support.

    Construction Sport founder Steve Kerslake uses the power of sport to tackle mental health within the construction industry. The work within the sector is not only physically demanding but also mentally. Using sports as a way for people to come together and feel part of a community can have huge positive benefits.  Construction Sport provides a safe space for people to talk (if they wish). This in fact can give anyone a positive mental lift.

    The Lighthouse Club provides resources for the construction industry. The Lighthouse Club supports families that have been left behind by a loved one. They also aim to get ahead of any mental health problems before they begin. Lighthouse Club offers a free and confidential 24/7 helpline and advice on occupational health and mental well-being.

    Both charities’ mission is to end the high suicide numbers that plague the industry due to mental health issues.

    In support of the charities this year, the Cavendish team organised a successful charity golf day, raising money and bringing awareness to the work of the charities. The team also took part in a midnight Marathon walk; from Twickenham Rugby Stadium to The Excel Centre, a half marathon walk to all London Premier League Football Stadiums, taken part in the London Marathon and participated in a BBC documentary to shed light on the mental health issues within construction.

    Steve Kerslake
    Bill Hill


    Cavendish knows the benefit of keeping physically active to support a positive mind as a result they have also sponsored a number of sports teams; Parnell’s Junior GAA, St Brendan’s Senior GAA, and London GAA.

    St Brendans GAA
    Parnells U7

    In addition sports tickets are given to operatives for events such as; Queens Club Tennis Championship, Premiership Football matches, International Cricket and Rugby tickets, the power of bringing people together to have fun is crucial.

    We are looking forward to continuing relationships with our charities and sponsors in 2023.