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    Artificial Intelligence Landscape in 2022

    Over the past 10 years, there has been an extreme breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence, due to an increased demand in big data and computer infrastructure. New AI advancements include the introduction of Edge and generative AI, which will enable digital moments by harnessing AI for real-time analytics closer to data sources and improves the use of text, audio files and images on devices.

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    AI has always been considered as being on the back foot when it comes to technology; however, there has been significant innovative developments within Artificial Intelligence. Now in 2022, AI continues to dominate the technology industry where the global artificial intelligence market size was valued at USD 93.5 billion in 2021 and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38.1% from 2022 to 2030.

    The breakdown of AI

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that is closely related to computer science, consisting of scales of AI services that are used within government, telecommunications, retail, defence, healthcare, and many other industries. AI includes the training of computers to be as efficient as possible, putting these clever machines to use in the aim to reach human-level intelligence for a variety of responsibilities. AI essentially mimics human behaviour, through programming and algorithms.

    AI democratized at scale

    In recent years AI has been democratized at scale, leaving infrastructure more available to a wider range of organizations and business clients. 2020 made it evident that there aren’t many individuals that require the knowledge or foundations to comprehend AI applications, nonetheless all companies and individuals should have the option to profit from AI power and knowledge. Today we see the expansion of this information and we can only hope it is spread out to contact more individuals.

    There are a few reasons why democratization of AI is fundamental, one being with the shortage of experience with both AI implementation and data science. It is important that resources are provided for the understanding of your company’s objectives.

    Where do future developments lie within AI?

    • Voice search
    • Cybersecurity
    • AI Powered chips
    • Customer support
    • Data Highways
    • Network Improvements

    Computing infrastructure is becoming more affordable, allowing companies to benefit from AI, with cloud enabling access to computing power. Alongside this, experimentation enables many cloud computing platforms to check different machine learning algorithms and helps streamline how data is analysed and managed. Interest is growing in cloud-based machine learning and businesses are keen to experiment through their own services to help their clients make informed decisions based on data available to them. AI will go a long way past significant technology organisations in the future.


    Major chipmakers like QualcommArmIntelNVIDIA, and AMD continuing to innovate on semiconductors that power AI. Companies can gain access to hardware and software directly by these chipmakers deploying their CPUsGPUsFPGAs, and ASICs (Forms of chips) to the cloud. They can also access this software through third party applications that democratize Artificial Intelligence further.

    AI does and will continue to influence our lives in every aspect. Social media gives it the grounds and means to impact the way we shop, the way we eat and what entertainment we engage with. The mass use of data allows this technology to exploit our interests using powerful computing capabilities. Our viewings on social media such as Instagram and Facebook are controlled using AI as well as products we view and buy on websites such as amazon and eBay. It is fair to say AI has a positive and powerful influence on our lives with the view to continue to have positive purpose in the future.

    There is no questioning that Artificial Intelligence will continue to grow over the years to come. Its complexity and scale will continue to expand. Today’s technological implementation appears sophisticated; however, procedures are expected to be much simpler than ever. We can expect significant changes throughout the AI world, changes that will affect people and businesses across the world, but only for the greater good of technology.

    Another technology that is growing exponentially is privacy and confidential computing, read more on its developments here.

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