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    Technology Insights Podcast – Part 3

    For the past 6 months, our technology division has been on top form filming our new Tech Insights podcast. Our experts have been chatting in front of the camera to talk about their experience within the technology industry and how they have become successful recruiters within this competitive market.

    Throughout this podcast, our team is able to discuss the technology industry on a more personal level and help viewers better understand the way we do things at Cavendish Professionals. Our team’s main goal is to provide a superlative service and share their own personal experiences, alongside the do’s and don’ts when entering the technology industry.

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    Benefits of using a recruitment agency

    During episode nine of Tech insights, Adrian and Evgenia sit down with Francis Curran, Contracts Manager within Cavendish’s construction division, to talk about about why a recruitment agency could suit your needs. Evgenia kicks things off with highlighting the proactiveness of an agency with sourcing the right candidates, as well as the benefits of being able to liaise with an expert in a certain job market. Adrian follows on by discussing the advantage of having a recruiter being in direct communication with the client for the candidate, compared to a candidate just having to share their CV alone. Francis discusses his own personal experiences with recruitment agencies in the past, and how that has translated into his work in the construction market.

    For episode 10 of Technology Insights, Adrian Duffy, Francis Curran and Evgenia Zhovnurak reflect on their own personal lives, and consider what advice they would give their younger selves. Evgenia begins by outlining how she feels people should take more risks, as she did in her twenties, due to the benefits reaching out, and from learning when making mistakes. Adrian outlines his his advice on how people will naturally get better at things they focus on and keep doing. He also mentions the 10,000 hour rule, and the important parts that routine, discipline and practice play in honing any skill. Francis then covers his own thoughts on where he could have improved on previous life endeavors, as well as how to improving drive and focus.

    Our Team

    Evgenia Zhovnaruk

    Evgenia joined Cavendish Professionals in 2009 as an Accounts Manager. Since then, she has worked her way up to Principal consultant within the Technology sector. Evgenia leads teams across SAP, MS Dynamics and Software Development markets across Western and Eastern Europe.

    “With over 12 years’ recruitment experience, I have great comprehension of trends within the market. I genuinely enjoy helping people achieve their goals and providing a valuable service. Over the years, I’ve built up a broad network of contacts and have successfully recruited for numerous positions globally.”

    Outside of work, Evgenia enjoys travelling the world and is a self-confessed watch enthusiast.

    Adrian Duffy

    Adrian Duffy, Head of Software Development, has over 10 years’ experience within Talent Acquisition. Adrian is currently working within the Technology sector, with a focus on Software Development across Western & Eastern Europe. He is also responsible for developing our client and candidate base, partnering with start-ups, consultancies, and end-users to support their growth. Prior to this, Adrian was responsible for setting up the Technical Division in 2011, he worked in the capacity of lead Account Manager before becoming the Technical & Finance Division Manager. Adrian endeavours to offer a direct, supportive, and consultative approach towards recruitment. He never loses sight of the impact an international move can have on a family, or someone’s personal life. He is constantly developing his expertise in relocation and mobilisation to ensure that candidates and clients alike can benefit from a comprehensive service.

    The Process

    It often can go unnoticed, the work and production that goes on behind the scenes to make a podcast like this a success. Thankfully, at Cavendish Professionals, we have an extremely hardworking marketing team that bring these ideas to life. Our Senior Marketing Executive, Amy Harris, has been responsible for the organisation of this production, both preparing the content and directing the filming on the day. Working alongside side K.OS Visuals we were able to bring our ideas to life.

    At Cavendish Professionals, we are technology specialists that offer a flexible recruitment model that can assist with permanent, contract and temp-to-perm placements. Our strength is us, understanding your requirements, embedding ourselves in the industry and creating strong long-term relationships with both clients and candidates to find the right person for your organisation. Get in contact with us today and see how we can assist in your recruitment search.

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