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    How to Find a Good Contractor or Builder

    How to find a good contractor or builder

    Choosing a contractor or builder can be a difficult task, you want to make sure you have the best person for the job. As our Cavendish Professionals construction recruitment team work so closely with several clients on a regular basis in the construction industry they have put together a list of pointers to help you find a good contractor / builder.

    Before you go searching for a contractor / builder you need to ensure you know exactly what you want completed. Have a plan of the desired outcome and stick to it. This will save both time and money further down the line. Scope the work, research what you want completed, see how long it will take you costs associated. Next up, have a building plan, any engineering documents the contractors need to know, they will need to understand exactly what is involved for the project. Is there and problems with the soil, are foundations strong etc. And, finally the materials, fittings and fixtures required. Having prepared all these beforehand avoids the financial blowout that might occur with no pre plan.
    Now your research is done, the leg work begins.

    Speak to your Designer

    The designer of the build would have worked with many builders, contractors, sub-contractors exactly like your project and therefore in a great position to recommend a good workforce, if not, they can definitely let you know who to stay away from.

    Call your insurance companies 

    This is more for a personal home build. Contact your insurance company, they will have numerous builders, contractors on file that they would contact on behalf of customers for repair and rebuild insurance work. There is a possibility they can give you a list of approved contractors / builders in your area.


    Trade associations 

    To become part of a trade association is not compulsory for builders, however when competing for work it helps to stand out and having the seal of approval from an industry trade association can add that competitive edge over the next contractor / builder.  The associations can come in handy especially if you want a specific set of work done, it can help to know that your builder has passed further examinations regarding that work.  Associations within the industry check with Federation of Master Builders, Guild of Builders and Contractors or National Federation of Builders

    References / Recommendations

    Ask friends, colleagues other construction sites if they know of any reputable builders. References, recommendations from previous work completed is a good place to start.  You can quiz the owner or site managers about the quality and reliability of the builder(s) / contractors.

    Overall you will need to do the legwork in the first instance.  This process might take longer, but in the long run it will be worth it. There is not exact science to finding the right builder / contractor for your project. Contractors change staff, standards may slip but hopefully the helpful points give you a good starting point.
    Email us and let us know if you’ve found the ideal builder.

    Cavendish Professionals construction and engineering team are always on the lookout for great tradesman to add to their candidate file. Get in contact if you are looking for a new project, or are looking to hire a builder, tradesman or labourer specialist Cavendish Professionals can help you.