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      Stress Awareness Month – Sabrina Khan Part 2

      How do these causes of stress typically impact an individual’s life? The symptoms of stress are unique for each person, however, over time, there are some patterns and similarities in cases. Most people develop unhealthy coping mechanisms as there is not always the support around them or someone to confide in about how they feel. [...]
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      Stress Awareness Month – Sabrina Khan Part 3

      In your opinion how do you think the stigma around seeking a counsellor/therapist can be reduced? Personally, I think that the main priority should be raising awareness and normalising the seeking of support and self-care. In my opinion, I feel everyone should have access to counselling much earlier on in their personal lives. Therefore, they [...]
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      Charity Golf Day – Construction Sport

      It is two days until our Charity golf day kicks off. Yesterday we highlighted one of the charities we are supporting Lighthouse Club today we would like to shed light on Construction Sport. Construction Sport founder Stephen Kerslake, uses the power of sport to tackle mental health within the construction industry. “As a company, Cavendish Professionals believe [...]
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      Celebrating Women in Construction – Kathryn Barrett

      Kathryn Bennett – Office Manager, MasterMac Surfacing Ltd To celebrate Women in a variety of STEM industries, we have checked in with a number of high-end professionals. We got their thoughts on how their respective industries have changed over time. Kathy Bennett is an Office Manager at MasterMac Surfacing Ltd. What made you interested in [...]
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      Celebrating Women in Technology – Jennifer Looby

      Jennifer Looby – Project Manager This week we celebrate Women in business across a range of different technology markets and industries. We checked in with a few industry leaders to get their take on the tech industry. They provide insight into the progression that’s been made. These women also speak on what could still be [...]
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      Construction and Mental Health

      What is Mental Health? Mental Health refers to our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, affecting how we think, feel and behave. From childhood to adolescence, mental health is important at every stage of life. An individual may experience mental health problems where thinking, mood and behaviour are affected. This can be due to many factors [...]
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      WALK, RUN, TALK Cavendish Professionals are proud to announce that we will be launching a new company-wide initiative: WALK RUN TALK. As a company, we want to shine a spotlight on the benefits of movement. Raising awareness of the importance of physical activity for your mental health. So, we want to get moving this April! We [...]
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      Stress Awareness Month – Sabrina Khan Part 1

      Being Stress Aware April 1st saw the beginning of Stress Awareness Month, last week, we mentioned that we have the opportunity to speak with qualified counsellors. who will highlight what stress is, and how we can identify it. Coping techniques that can be used and how we can help each other to manage it. We [...]
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      The Lighthouse Club – Construction Industry Charity

      Why we support The Lighthouse Club It is only 3 days before we tee off for our golf Charity Day. One of our chosen charities for this event is The Lighthouse Club – The Construction Industry Charity. Approximately 1-2 construction workers commit suicide every day. The industry is trying hard to reduce those concerning numbers. [...]
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      Celebrating Women in Technology – Anely Ruiz

      Women in Technology We are celebrating women in STEM environments, featuring women who operate in traditionally male-dominated environments. Cavendish Professionals operate in industries where women sometimes are not seen, but there are women every day breaking the stereotype of what a person looks like in Construction or Technology markets. So our series brings this to [...]